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We’ve compiled an assortment of papers authored by Dr. Flitsch that help explain his views on the present state in semiconductor manufacturing and the industry’s future. Please feel free to e-mail us with any comments you might have once you’ve read them.

After all, a free flow of ideas is the very lifeblood of innovation.

The Post Cleanroom Fab

The Novel Cleanspace Fabricator Concept
Semiconductors have revolutionized our lives, but the way we produce semiconductors has changed very little. The next evolution in semiconductor devices demands an evolution from the traditional cleanroom to the Futrfab cleanspace fabricator.


Small Volume Technology Fabrication

Opening the Door to a Novel Solution
The semiconductor industry has delivered remarkably consistent improvements in quality, function and cost for more than five decades. However, industry growth has finally brought it to a crossroads. The pace and trajectory of the industry may be pricing out the innovative leadership it needs to continue growing.


1984 All Over Again

Comparing The Global Computer Market of the 1980s with the Global Semiconductor Market of Today
In 1984 the global computer market had reached a crossroads. As the need for computing power had skyrocketed, so had the cost. Mainframes had grown larger but the pool of suppliers had shrunk. Visionaries realized that the cost-effective response was to move in the opposite direction. The Personal Computer was born.


The Global 450 Future

The 450mm Wafer Consortium
The steady drop in the cost of semiconductor performance has been as regular as a heartbeat. That beat has been accompanied by an equally steady increase in the size of the standard silicon wafer, as well as an increase in the price of equipment and facilities. As unit costs go down, wafer size and equipment costs go up.


Technology Education With Futrfab

State of the Art Equipment for Education and Academic Research
Futrfab has developed a radical technological alternative for the methods and infrastructure to manufacture integrated circuits on both small and large scales of production and—since all production starts with activities that are low scale like research and development—the technology will revolutionize how the industry innovates.


Two Inch Wafers are the Future

The Futrfab Small Wafer Node
Bucking a fifty year trend toward ever-larger semiconductor substrates, Futrfab will greatly improve fabrication efficiency with a wafer of just 2 inches in size. Developed to improve the economics for small volume activity, the Futrfab technology will also make mid- and large-volume fabrication more cost effective.





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