Board of Directors


Although a unique intellectual portfolio (including numerous patents and pending patents for high-technology manufacturing processes) lies at the core of the Futrfab environment, it is people who will ultimately determine the company’s success.

Fred Flitsch, PhD, MBA

Chairman of the Board
Two decades of hands-on experience overseeing Manufacturing Operations for companies such as IBM and Philips Semiconductors combined with advanced degrees in the fields of Physical Chemistry and Business Management


John W. Buckley

Board Member & Secretary
John Buckley serves as General Counsel and Vice President of Government Affairs for Futrfab. He is a graduate of the Syracuse University School of Law and brings more than 20 years of engineering and technology related…


Marja van Zeijl

Board Member
Dr. Marja van Zeijl is a research biologist with more than 20 years experience in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, including the development of therapeutic products for viral disease and vaccines. She is a …


“Without superior management, without the intervention of organized willpower, the desired result simply cannot be obtained.”

– Robert Heller